15 10, 2020

Factsheet 5 – A Multi-actor Approach for Sustainable Food Chains: A Delphi Exercise to Define Policy


Findings from research activities conducted as part of the Strength2Food project have been assessed through a modified Delphi method, to evaluate, refine, and verify the factors that determine the success or failure of Food Quality Schemes (FQS), Public Sector Food Procurement (PSFP) and Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) initiatives and their economic, environmental and [...]

31 05, 2020

Factsheet 4 – Evaluating EU Food Quality Schemes: Consumers, Producers and Sustainability Perspectives


A series of studies on EU Food Quality Schemes (FQS) conducted within the framework of the H2020 project Strength2Food contribute to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and consistency of EU FQS. This factsheet summarizes the data presented at the expert meeting held in Brussels in January 2020 and provides an overview of the project’s main [...]

27 11, 2019

Synthesis of findings (WPs 3 to 8)


Authors: Mattas, K., Tsakiridou, E., Karelakis, C., Chousou, C., Lazaridou, D., Amilien, V., Arfini, F., Bellassen, V., Brecic, R., Dries, L., Giraud, G., Gorton, M., Hartmann, M., Majewski, E., Malak-Rawlikowska, A., Quarrie, S., Schaer, B., Tregear, A., Veneziani, M., Vittersø, G.

November 2019

28 02, 2019

Report on quantitative research findings on European consumers’ perception and valuation of EU food quality schemes as well as their confidence in such measures


Authors: Hartmann, M.; Yeh, C.-H.; Amilien, V.; Čeliković, Z.; Csillag, P.; Filipović, J.; Giraud, G.; Gorton, M.; Kuč, V.; Menozzi, D.; Poschwatta, O.; Quarrie, S.; Roos, G.; Saidi, M.; Tocco, B.; Török, Á.; Veneziani, M.; Vreden, T

February 2019