Responsible Partner: HiOA (SIFO, OsloMet)
Roos, G., Amilien, V., Bojović, R., Csillag, P., Duboys de Labarre, M., Gorton, M., Hubbard, C., Jaska, E., Majewski, E., Malak-Rawlikowska, A., Menozzi, D., Mora, C., Phillipson, J., Quarrie, S., Tocco, B., Török, Á., Torjusen, H., Vittersø, G.
Date of Publication: January 2021

One of the aims of the Strength2Food (S2F) project is to maximise its outreach and impact through effective knowledge exchange and communication with a wide range of relevant audiences including: consumers, schools, food supply chain practitioners, policy makers and academics (WP2 on “Communication and knowledge exchange”). In this framework, a “second generation” of hybrid forums (HFs 2.0.) were organised in seven European countries (France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Serbia and the United Kingdom), to provide: (i) a methodology guiding multi-actor research fieldwork to collect data, and (ii) a dynamic mechanism for better communication. Originally proposed by Callon et al. (2009), hybrid forums are open, public dialogues, which aim to address an identified challenge, or local ‘controversy’, and stimulate effective dialogue amongst all actors in the value chain. This report provides a discussion on the methodology and experiences with organising hybrid forums 2.0. in the S2F project.

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