22 01, 2019

Factsheet 3 – Do food quality schemes influence consumers’ food choices?


A qualitative study conducted within the framework of the H2020 project Strength2Food, under the coordination of Virginie Amilien and Gun Roos from Consumption Research Norway at OsloMet, adds to the understanding of European consumers’ food practices concerning food quality schemes (FQS) and sustainable food chains. This study is part of a deeper analysis aimed at [...]

31 10, 2018

Qualitative assessment of motivations, practices and organisational development of short food supply chains


Authors: G. Vittersø, H. Torjusen, K. M. Laitala, F. Arfini, B. Biasini, E. Coppola, P. Csillag, M. Donati, M. Duboys de Labarre, R. Gentili, M. Gorton, J. L. Lecoeur, A. Lucini, A. Maj, E. Majewski, A. Malak-Rawlikowska, M. C. Mancini, D. Menozzi, B. Tocco, Á. Török, M. Veneziani

October 2018

27 09, 2018

Ethnographic study: qualitative research findings on European consumers’ food practices linked to sustainable food chains and food quality schemes


Authors: Amilien, V., Roos, G., Arfini, F., Biasini, B., Csillag, P., Duboys de Labarre, M., Filipović, J., Haugrønning, V., Kuč, V., La Spina, M., Menozzi, D., Meyer, K., Ognjanov, G., Simons, J., Tocco, B., Török, Á., Veljković, S., Wavresky, P.

September 2018

7 03, 2018

Quantitative research findings on European consumers’ perception and valuation of EU food quality schemes as well as their confidence in such measures


Authors: Hartmann, M.; Yeh, C.-H.; Amilien, V.; Čeliković, Z.; Csillag, P.; Filipović, J.; Giraud, G.; Gorton, M.; Menozzi, D.; Quarrie, S.; Roos, G.; Saidi, M.; Tocco, B.; Török, Á.; Veneziani, M.

March 2018

26 09, 2017

Factsheet 2 – How to make public sector food procurement sustainable?


A pilot study, conducted within the framework of the H2020 Strength2Food project, helps to give an answer to this question, investigating the environmental, economic, social and nutritional impacts of two different primary school meals services in County Durham, North East England. Conducted by Angela Tregear, Mary Brennan, and Maysara Sayed, from the University of Edinburgh, [...]