Responsible Partner: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh)
Mattas, K., Tsakiridou, E., Karelakis, C., Chousou, C., Lazaridou, D., Amilien, V., Arfini, F., Bellassen, V., Brecic, R., Dries, L., Giraud, G., Gorton, M., Hartmann, M., Majewski, E., Malak-Rawlikowska, A., Quarrie, S., Schaer, B., Tregear, A., Veneziani, M., Vittersø, G.
Date of Publication: November 2019

This report synthesises the main findings of WPs 3 to 8 to produce an integrated analysis of the effects of EU quality and PSFP policies on economic, social and environmental sustainability and the promotion of a healthy diet. Particular emphasis is given to the interactions and crossovers between different FQS, PSFP policies, and SFSC initiatives.

In WPs 3 to 8, six research activities were conducted to identify the factors that determine the success or failure of FQS, PSFP and SFSC initiatives and their economic, environmental and social impacts, including surveys of consumers’ perceptions on FQS.

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