Responsible Partner: EUTA
Steve Quarrie, Ratko Bojović
Date of Publication: February 2020

Five training courses were delivered by EUTA during years 1 to 4 of Strength2Food. These targeted early career researchers to improve their skills related to successfully undertaking the project’s research activities and maximising their impact.

  1. Course 1, a workshop on effective project participation, gender action activities, H2020 rules was given during the Kick-Off Meeting to explain the H2020 rules, requirements and obligations for effective project participation (including aspects of reporting and financial management). This course was attended by all project partners at the Kick-Off Meeting.
  2. Course 2, training on knowledge management and research ethics: explaining operation of the KMREC, aspects of Open Access for research publications, procedures for abstracts, and obligations regarding research ethics, was also given at the project Kick-Off Meeting.
  3. Course 3, a workshop on transdisciplinary and academic–practitioner joint research and co-creation of knowledge to support implementation of WP9 (multi-actor approach), was undertaken in April 2017. The workshop explained how the role played by different elements of the work in Serbia would contribute to an effective action research approach and how ethical standards would need to be considered and interpreted in this context.
  4. Course 4, a training course on media and communication skills, was given to partners as part of the 4th Annual Project Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia in May, 2019. This half-day course gave advice on how to communicate project information effectively to the media and to give interviews, and included interviews of participants with feedback.
  5. Course 5 was a one-day course in February, 2020 on scientific writing and presentation skills, focusing on ensuring project manuscripts are suitable for high-impact journals, and on maximising impact of project posters and oral presentations at conferences.

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