2106, 2017

Results and lessons from pilot studies and final set of verified indicators for impact measurement of FQS, PSFP and SFSC: Evidence from the Comté PDO cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese, Serbian organic raspberries, County Durham school meals, Locavorium shop and Korycin Cheese

Authors: V. Bellassen, F. Arfini, F. Antonioli, A. Bodini, M. Brennan, R. Courbou, L. Delesse, M. Donati, M. Drut, M. Duboys de Labarre, O. Dupont, J. Filipović, L. Gauvrit, G. Giraud, M. Gorton, M. Hilal, E. Husson, K. M. Laitala, E. Majewski, A. Malak-Rawlikowska, S. Monier-Dilhan, P. Muller, T. Poméon, B. Ristic, M. Sayed, B. Schaer, Z. Stojanovic, A. Paget, B. Tocco, E. Toque, A. Tregear, M. Veneziani, M-H. Vergote, G. Vittersø, A. Wilkinson.

June 2017

2911, 2016

Selection of Case Study Regions and Cases for Impact Analysis

Authors: A. Barczak, V. Bellassen, F. Arfini, R. Brečić, G. Giraud, E. Majewski, B. Tocco, A. Tregear, G. Vittersø

November 2016

911, 2016

Conceptual framework and literature review for understanding the social, environmental and economic impacts of FQS, SFSC and varying PSFP policies on agri-food chain participants and rural territories

Authors: Arfini, F., Antonioli, F., Bellassen, V., Brennan, M., Fumel, M., Gorton, M., Hartmann, M., Hawes, D. R., Mancini, M. C., Roos, G., Schüssler, J., Tocco, B., Torjusen, H., Tregear, A., Veneziani, M., Virginie, A., Vittersø, G., Yeh, C.

November 2016

310, 2016

Methods and Indicators for Measuring the Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Food Quality Schemes, Short Food Supply Chains and Varying Public Sector Food Procurement Policies on Agri-Food Chain Participants and Rural Territories

Authors: V. Bellassen, G. Giraud, M. Hilal, F. Arfini, A. Barczak, A. Bodini, M. Brennan, M. Drut, M. Duboys de Labarre, M. Gorton, M. Hartmann, E. Majewski, S. Monier-Dilhan, P. Muller, T. Poméon, B. Tocco, A. Tregear, M. Veneziani, M-H. Vergote, G. Vitterso, P. Wavresky, A. Wilkinson

October 2016