2609, 2017

Factsheet 2 – How to make public sector food procurement sustainable?

A pilot study, conducted within the framework of the H2020 Strength2Food project, helps to give an answer to this question, investigating the environmental, economic, social and nutritional impacts of two different primary school meals services in County Durham, North East England. Conducted by Angela Tregear, Mary Brennan, and Maysara Sayed, from the University of Edinburgh, between autumn 2016 and the first months of 2017, the pilot study assessed the food procurement models to two schools: VillageSchool and TownSchool. One (to VillageSchool) representing a local /short and organic chain, in which all milk and meat is locally sourced and has organic [...]

2408, 2017

Determinants of Farmers’ Engagement in Food Quality Schemes

Authors: L. Cesaro, L. Dries, H. Luchtenbelt, S. Marongiu, J. Peerlings, L. van de Pol.

August 2017

1608, 2017

Contract Tendering and Awarding Processes for Public Procurement of School Meals

Authors: A. Tregear, M. Sayed, M. Brennan, I. Colić Barić, M. Bituh, R. Brečić, D. Sinčić Ćorić, A. Razum, L. Gauvrit, M. Böhm, B. Schaer, K. Mattas, E. Tsakiridou, C. Karelakis, I. Papadopoulos, F. Arfini, A. Zangrandi, D. Del Rio, M. Donati, F. Scazzina, G. Lanza, A. Rosi, B. Biasini, J. Filipović, Z. Čeliković, I. Vuksanović.

August 2017

2106, 2017

Results and lessons from pilot studies and final set of verified indicators for impact measurement of FQS, PSFP and SFSC: Evidence from the Comté PDO cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese, Serbian organic raspberries, County Durham school meals, Locavorium shop and Korycin Cheese

Authors: V. Bellassen, F. Arfini, F. Antonioli, A. Bodini, M. Brennan, R. Courbou, L. Delesse, M. Donati, M. Drut, M. Duboys de Labarre, O. Dupont, J. Filipović, L. Gauvrit, G. Giraud, M. Gorton, M. Hilal, E. Husson, K. M. Laitala, E. Majewski, A. Malak-Rawlikowska, S. Monier-Dilhan, P. Muller, T. Poméon, B. Ristic, M. Sayed, B. Schaer, Z. Stojanovic, A. Paget, B. Tocco, E. Toque, A. Tregear, M. Veneziani, M-H. Vergote, G. Vittersø, A. Wilkinson.

June 2017

2911, 2016

Selection of Case Study Regions and Cases for Impact Analysis

Authors: A. Barczak, V. Bellassen, F. Arfini, R. Brečić, G. Giraud, E. Majewski, B. Tocco, A. Tregear, G. Vittersø

November 2016