310, 2016

Methods and Indicators for Measuring the Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Food Quality Schemes, Short Food Supply Chains and Varying Public Sector Food Procurement Policies on Agri-Food Chain Participants and Rural Territories

Authors: V. Bellassen, G. Giraud, M. Hilal, F. Arfini, A. Barczak, A. Bodini, M. Brennan, M. Drut, M. Duboys de Labarre, M. Gorton, M. Hartmann, E. Majewski, S. Monier-Dilhan, P. Muller, T. Poméon, B. Tocco, A. Tregear, M. Veneziani, M-H. Vergote, G. Vitterso, P. Wavresky, A. Wilkinson

October 2016

508, 2016

Factsheet 1 – Short Supply Chain: The Italian Experience

“Short distribution channels increase the income of producers and ensure the survival of a large number of farms [….]. They can help improve environmental performance […] and preserve and support local traditions, while at the same time linking the product to a geographical area shared by producers and consumers” EU Commission- Green Paper on promotion measures and information provision for agricultural products COM(2011) 436 Factsheet