20 11, 2020

Opportunities and challenges for the development of the Polish food market through EU quality schemes

2021-05-06T10:29:51+02:0020.11.2020.|Hybrid forums|

The third Hybrid Forum took place on the 20th of November 2020. The discussion focused on opportunities and challenges for the development of the food market through EU quality schemes (PDO, PGI, TSG) in Poland. The Hybrid Forum also provided the participants with the opportunity to discuss about the outcomes of the research conducted [...]

28 10, 2020

How can cooperation in agriculture increase revenues?

2021-05-06T10:26:32+02:0028.10.2020.|Hybrid forums|

The second Strength2Food hybrid forum was organised on the 28th of October 2020. The first part of the meeting took place in Warsaw, whereas the second part – a public debate – was held online. The participants discussed about the crucial role of horizontal cooperation in farming and the importance of sharing experiences to [...]

9 09, 2020

Do you buy local? 3rd Hybrid Forum in Káptalantóti, Hungary on local products and local food labelling

2020-10-26T17:59:04+01:0009.09.2020.|Hybrid forums|

The 3rd HF took place in Káptalantóti, a small former-agri village near lake Balaton. The focus was placed on the Balaton-felvidék (“Balaton Highlands”) region, a wine and fruit producing area and a popular gastro-touristic destination where, in the last three decades, the aging population of its small villages has entirely changed to long-weekend tourists [...]

3 09, 2020

Do you buy local? 2nd Hybrid Forum in Szentendre, Hungary on local products and local food labelling

2020-10-26T17:58:51+01:0003.09.2020.|Hybrid forums|

Three Strength2Food hybrid forums were organised in Hungary in three different geographical locations throughout the country (1st HF: Szekszárd - South-Transdanubia; 2nd HF: Szentendre - Dunakanyar (Danube Bend) region, near Budapest; 3rd HF: Káptalantóti - North-Balaton region), in order to get the broadest possible perspective and representation of ideas. The focus was placed on [...]

10 08, 2020

What has been the impact of the Covid crisis on local food systems? The example of the “little market” and the Tuesday market at Hauterives

2020-11-25T09:58:08+01:0010.08.2020.|Hybrid forums|

The third hybrid forum (HF) in France took place in Hauterives on Sunday 30 August 2020. The impact that lockdown had on the local food systems was chosen as the main topic of the discussion. Therefore, new people were contacted and invited to join the group. Unfortunately, health rules and social distancing prevented the [...]

12 03, 2020

Creating Sustainable and Healthy Food Procurement: What is the Role of Local Foods?

2020-05-13T13:52:30+02:0012.03.2020.|Hybrid forums|

The 3rd and final UK hybrid forum “Creating sustainable and healthy food procurement: what is the role of local foods?” was hosted on 12th March 2020 at Newcastle Civic Centre. This open public dialogue, organised by Newcastle University and Food Nation, was delivered in partnership by Strength2Food and Food Newcastle. It sought to deepen [...]

27 11, 2019

Food Quality Labels for Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas

2020-01-07T17:50:23+01:0027.11.2019.|Hybrid forums|

On November 27th at the Bagnone high school “IS Pacinotti Belmesseri” (hotel, catering and tourism management school) located in the Lunigiana territory, the third Italian Hybrid Forum was held involving students, teachers and experts in the agricultural and tourism sector within the area of the MaB-UNESCO (Man and Biosphere Reserve) Appennino Tosco Emiliano reserve [...]

14 11, 2019

Hybrid Forum on Organic Food and School Meals in Serbia

2020-01-06T13:30:29+01:0014.11.2019.|Hybrid forums|

EUTA organised its third Strength2Food Hybrid Forum on Thursday, 14th November 2019. This occurred in Novi Sad, in a school participating in the Serbian school meals pilot scheme. The theme was “Opportunities for supplying primary schools in Serbia with organic fruits and vegetables”, and for this Hybrid Forum we succeeded in bringing together all [...]

25 10, 2019

How to associate agricultural and associative activity: stakes and obstacles around the “Little market”?

2020-06-11T16:11:39+02:0025.10.2019.|Hybrid forums|

The second French hybrid forum took place on 25 October 2019 in Hauterives. The theme was developed as a follow-up to the first hybrid forum. The aim was to discuss how to associate agricultural and associative activities. Indeed, the implementation of actions towards an associative type of activity in the "Little market" area encounters [...]

22 10, 2019

The Importance of Regional Quality Food Labelling

2020-06-09T16:05:26+02:0022.10.2019.|Hybrid forums|

The first Stength2Food hybrid forum in Hungary was organised by the Hungarian project partner Eco-Sensus Nonprofit on the 22 October 2019 in Szekszárd, a small town 150 km south from Budapest near the Danube, at the premises of the local farmers market. All stakeholder groups of the local food supply chain were invited to [...]