1204, 2019

Strength2Food Researchers Co-operate with the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture to Mark the day of Croatian Protected Products

Strength2Food Researchers at the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture marked the day of Croatian Protected Products by organising a conference entitled “Quality as a Value Added". The event, held on the 12th April, promoted Croatian protected products. The Republic of Croatia has a rich tradition in the production and preparation of speciality food products. Today, there are 22 Croatian products whose names are protected, i.e. registered with the EU as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The Ministry of Agriculture is helping producers to promote their products and educating consumers on [...]

904, 2019

Strength2Food on the Italian magazine Platinum Sole 24 Ore

In its April 2019 magazine edition, Professor Filippo Ar­fini, from the University of Parma explains how, at the end of its third year, the Strengh2Food consortium has concluded field research on the impact of food quality schemes on European consumers and is now ready for the dissemination and data systemisation stage. The first segment of the project looked at four areas: defining food quality scheme’s indicators on the basis of twenty-nine case studies from the EU and outside Europe, analysing public sector procurement policies focusing on elementary schools in Italy, the UK and Serbia, and determining  the benefits that ‘short [...]

804, 2019

Prof. Filippo Arfini presents Strength2Food at the CIBUS OFF culinary event

On 8 April 2019, the Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Parma reported Professor Filippo Arfini’s participation in the latest edition of CIBUS OFF, a culinary event which opens the calendar 2019 of Parma UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy events. Activities ranged from cooking shows, educational workshops for children to round tables on a variety of topics.  Professor Arfini, in his capacity as coordinator of the MA degree in Food Quality Systems and Gastronomy Management of the University of Parma, was interviewed about the link between sustainability and traditional products. The Deputy Coordinator of the Strength2Food project seized the opportunity to showcase [...]

503, 2019

Presentation to AREPO’s General Assembly

Konstadinos Mattas presented the Strength2Food project and key findings from his team’s work on the PDO Zagora apple at the recent AREPO General Assembly. AREPO is a network representing 31 European regions and over 700 associations engaged in Geographical Indication production. At its General Assembly, held in Thessaloniki on the 5th March 2019, Prof. Mattas gave an overview of Strength2Food’s work on measuring the economic, social and environmental impacts of quality food schemes before presenting the case of the Zagora apple. The Zagora village is the “apple capital of Greece” and its apples were the first to gain Protected [...]

2202, 2019

Strength2Food gets its own TV programme in Serbia

A half-hour TV programme dedicated to Strength2Food was broadcast on Serbia’s RTS2 channel on 22nd February 2019. It focused on Strength2Food’s work with primary schools in Serbia, with several Strength2Food personnel interviewed: Ratko Bojović, Steve Quarrie, Roberto Bassi, Ilaria Rossi, Beatrice Biasini. The programme, developed by Dr Aleksandra Šarković, an editor of Educational and Scientific Programmes on RTS2, arose from the visit by a team from BARILLA and UniPR to schools in Serbia to demonstrate cooking techniques to school cooks (see news report). Interviews with Strength2Food staff gave an overview of the project and its activities with primary schools [...]

1401, 2019

Strength2Food Partner Konzum develops a “local store within a store” concept

Grocery retailer Konzum, in co-operation with the Cluster of Small Croatian manufacturers, have launched a project entitled "From Domestic Regions", whereby customers in two large KONZUM stores are offered a wide variety of quality homemade products from all over Croatia. The “local store within a store” brings together seasonal fruit and vegetables, cured meats and dairy products, traditional desserts, honey and other delicacies. The first “local store within a store” was opened in the Dankovečka Super Konzum. In the reconstructed Dankovečka store there are more than 100 square meters dedicated to small domestic producers (more than 500 products from [...]