1609, 2020

Are Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) More Environmentally Sustainable than Long Chains?

Improving the eco-efficiency of food systems is one of the major global challenges faced by the modern world. Short food supply chains (SFSCs) are commonly regarded to be less harmful to the environment, among various reasons, due to their organizational distribution and thus the shortened physical distance between primary producers and final consumers. In this paper, we empirically test this hypothesis, by assessing and comparing the environmental impacts of short and long food supply chains. Based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, we calculate eco-efficiency indicators for nine types of food distribution chains. The analysis is performed on [...]

108, 2020

The Strength2Food Meal Planner Tool featured on The Project Repository Journal

We are pleased to announce that the Strength2Food meal planner tool has been featured in the 6th edition of The Project Repository Journal (PRj). This innovative tool aims to help Serbian primary schools with meal planning. It offers information on the nutritional quality of their meals, the cost, and uses estimated levels of food plate wastes to calculate the typical nutritional intake from each meal. It also calculates the meal’s carbon footprint, and the quantities of each food used per week so that schools can plan future deliveries of food and monitor the school’s annual food budget.  Discover how [...]

507, 2020

Talk Radio: Discussing the sustainability of the Thai agricultural sector with Dr. Montchai

A radio broadcast was organised on Saturday, July 5, 2020, to present the Strength2Food final results to opinion leaders/regulators, the media, industry including SMEs, consumer organisations and the scientific community. The broadcast was recorded and made publicly available in the local language. The "Talk to Dr. Montchai" program is a regular talk show on various agricultural economic issues and current situations by the host, Dr. Montchai Pinitjitsamut, who is a professor at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Kasetsart University. Dr. Orachos Napasintuwong and Dr. Apichaya Lilavanichkul were invited to talk on the topic of "Sustainable Agriculture for [...]

107, 2020

Free Harissa Kitchen meals to support the local community in COVID-19 response

Food Nation has responded to the needs of the local community who have suffered an adverse impact on their lives as a result of COVID-19. Due to the social distancing restrictions imposed on Food Nation by the government, normal service delivery was not going to be possible for some time. This would ordinarily include using food as a tool to bring people together in groups through cooking classes, food education workshops and social lunch clubs – all of which was not going to be possible for the foreseeable future. In addition, Food Nation’s restaurant and catering arm, Harissa Kitchen, [...]

2506, 2020

Seafood Skills and Recipe Share Videos to Improve Consumers‘ Confidence and Creativity in the Kitchen

Food Nation developed a series of ‘Skills and Recipe Share’ videos to help build consumers’ confidence, and skills, in preparing and cooking a wider variety of fresh and locally landed seafood species. These learning resources demonstrate specific seafood preparation techniques and stimulating recipes. The videos, developed during the COVID-19 lockdown and shared via Food Nation’s social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), aim to educate, inspire and boost people's confidence in purchasing and cooking a wider variety of fresh, seasonal and locally landed seafood. The videos are expected to increase consumer knowledge and [...]

406, 2020

Webinar on The Impacts of Public Sector Food Procurement Strategies and Tools for Better Management

This webinar has been organised in cooperation with the University of Edinburgh, Impact Measurement Ltd, the European Training Academy, the European Food Information Council and Newcastle University, and talks about: Public Sector Food Procurement for school meals in Europe: evaluation of the environmental, economic and social impacts (slides here) Meal Analyser Tool (available here) Menu and Procurement Planning Tool (available here) Click here to view additional Questions & Answers (Q&A). For further information, please contact,, or