2506, 2020

Seafood Skills and Recipe Share Videos to Improve Consumers‘ Confidence and Creativity in the Kitchen

Food Nation developed a series of ‘Skills and Recipe Share’ videos to help build consumers’ confidence, and skills, in preparing and cooking a wider variety of fresh and locally landed seafood species. These learning resources demonstrate specific seafood preparation techniques and stimulating recipes. The videos, developed during the COVID-19 lockdown and shared via Food Nation’s social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), aim to educate, inspire and boost people's confidence in purchasing and cooking a wider variety of fresh, seasonal and locally landed seafood. The videos are expected to increase consumer knowledge and [...]

406, 2020

Webinar on The Impacts of Public Sector Food Procurement Strategies and Tools for Better Management

This webinar has been organised in cooperation with the University of Edinburgh, Impact Measurement Ltd, the European Training Academy, the European Food Information Council and Newcastle University, and talks about: Public Sector Food Procurement for school meals in Europe: evaluation of the environmental, economic and social impacts (slides here) Meal Analyser Tool (available here) Menu and Procurement Planning Tool (available here) Click here to view additional Questions & Answers (Q&A). For further information, please contact,, or

2505, 2020

Farmers’ Market of Campagna Amica open again after the lockdown

After the long-lasting lockdown in Italy, due to the Covid-19 crisis, that limited consumers’ movements and forced the closure of farmers’ market and farmhouses, a new phase started in Italy and more than half of Farmers’ Market (FMs) belonging to Campagna Amica are once again ready to welcome consumers. Safety precautions are in place as well as new initiatives such as home delivery. The reopening means that consumers can once again obtain healthy and fresh agricultural products directly, with business opportunities for producers, and contributions to rural and local economies. During the lockdown, farmers belonging to Campagna Amica never [...]

1205, 2020

Konzum launches local food heroes initiative

Strength2Food partner Konzum has launched a new local food heroes campaign. The initiative called “Best of Croatia”, invites food producers and manufacturers to cooperate with Konzum and become “heroes”. Producers can apply for hero status, and work with Konzum to realise the long-term placement of their products on Konzum shelves to customers throughout Croatia. The scheme is thus designed to support a route to market for small-scale producers and fits with one of Konzum’s strategic priorities – to support Croatian production and domestic producers. The campaign uses some of the appeals and messaging from, and draws on the lessons [...]

2204, 2020

School meal carbon emissions explained

An international team led by Professor Angela Tregear from the University of Edinburgh has been looking at the carbon emissions from average school meals across Europe. They wanted to find out which activities contributed the most emissions and how to reduce the carbon footprint. The team examined case studies of ten primary school meals services across five European countries (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Serbia, and the UK), analysing which foods each service procured, how far the foods travelled, the levels of plate waste, and the waste disposal methods. The research team also looked at how sourcing food from local suppliers impacted [...]

1004, 2020

Can Geographical Indications Reduce Price Volatility? Evidence from Spain

The prices received by farmers are often volatile and how prices change at each stage of the supply chain may not always be symmetrical. A recently published study by Strength2Food partner CREDA and written by Hugo Ferrer-Pérez, Fadi Abdelradi and José M. Gil, looks at whether producers of a Geographical Indication (GI) face less price volatility than if they produced a comparable non-GI product. The authors look at detailed price data over time for the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product “Cordero de Navarra” (lamb of Navarra), compared against comparable non-PGI lamb market prices. The results indicate that the PGI [...]