309, 2019

Short Food Supply Chains and Their Contributions to Sustainability: Participants’ Views and Perceptions from 12 European Cases

The present food system faces major challenges in terms of sustainable development along social, economic and environmental dimensions. These challenges are often associated with industrialised production processes and longer and less transparent distribution chains. Thus, closer distribution systems through Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) may be considered as a sustainable alternative. This study explores the role of different types of SFSCs and their contribution to sustainability through participants’ (consumers, retailers and producers) views and perceptions. As part of the European H2020 project “Strength2Food” we conducted a cross-case analysis and examined 12 European SFSC cases from six countries: France, Hungary, [...]

2208, 2019

Measuring the Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability of Short Food Supply Chains

The production and distribution of food are among the hot topics debated in the context of sustainable development. Short food supply chains (SFSCs) are now widely believed to be more sustainable in comparison to mass food delivery systems. To date, very little quantitative evidence exists on the impacts of various types of food supply chains. Using a cross-sectional quantitative approach, this study assesses the sustainability of distribution channels in short and long food supply chains based on 208 food producers across seven countries: France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Ten distribution channel types are used [...]

2008, 2019

Trade effects of geographical indication policy: The EU case

Using a new detailed dataset on country‐product information on European Union (EU) Geographical Indications (GIs), we study the impact of this food quality policy on trade margins over the 1996–2014 period. We consider the effect of GIs on both intra‐ and extra‐EU trade margins (extensive and intensive), as well as on export (and import) unit values. Our main results show that GIs affect trade flows differently depending on whether GIs are produced by the exporter or importer country. The presence of GIs in the exporter country systematically exerts a positive trade effect on both the extensive and intensive trade [...]

1107, 2019

Serbian schools receive feedback on their children’s food preferences

Led by Strength2Food partner EUTA, during October 2018, children in 32 Serbian primary schools and their parents completed questionnaires on food preferences and attitudes towards food. Just over 4,000 children and over 3,000 parents completed questionnaires. Schools taking part in the project are now receiving feedback on the results of their children’s food preferences. In addition to an overall report on findings from the children’s food preference questionnaire, reports for individual schools are also being prepared. The overall report, together with accompanying graphics will go on Strength2Food’s Serbian website, and, with the individual report, will also go to the [...]

2305, 2019

4th Strength2Food Annual Meeting Belgrade, Serbia

Last week, researchers from the Strength2food project met in Belgrade, Serbia for the project’s fourth Annual Meeting. The meeting took place at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, on 15-17 May 2019. Prior to the meeting, EUTA organized a workshop on media interview skills, aimed at young researchers and project partners. The workshop (see slides here) was divided into two parts: a theoretical session that explained how to effectively introduce your work and deal with uncomfortable questions, and a more practical session in which attendees could receive feedback after recording themselves during an interview. On the 15th of May, [...]

1005, 2019

Meet the Researcher – Viet Van Hoang

Dr. Viet Van Hoang is a lecturer at the School of Economics, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh. He completed his Diploma in Agricultural Economics, Masters in Business and Marketing Management, and PhD in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. As part of Strength2Food, Viet is currently working on assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of two Vietnamese geographical indications – Phu Quoc fish sauce PDO and Buon Ma Thuot coffee PGI. The analysis reveals that these geographical indications are having a positive but modest effect on food value chains. Viet is looking at how to increase the beneficial impacts through [...]