Strenght2Food Webinar on “Sustainability of Geographical Indication Products in the International Market”
On 5th February 2021, a webinar on the “Sustainability of Thai Geographical Indication Products in the International Market” was organised in the context of the Strength2Food project. The online event was a great success, with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, including government officials and more than 500 views on the Facebook channel within 24 hours after the seminar. Many experts from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia were also invited to participate and discuss the topic.

After a brief presentation of the Strength2Food project by the coordinator Matthew Gorton, from Newcastle University, Mr. Stephane Passeri – International GI Consultant and Team Leader of FAO (Bangkok) – provided the attendees with detailed information on the importance and benefits of Geographical Indication (GI) products in the international market and on the key elements to the successful development of a GI national system.

During the second part of the webinar (entirely in Thai), Asst. Professors Orachos Napasintuwong and Apichaya Lilavanichakul, both from Kasetsart University, presented the results of the study on the sustainability of PGI Khao Hom Mali Thung Kula Rong-Hai and of PGI Kafae Doi Chaang respectively.

An interesting series of questions and discussions allowed the participants in the webinar to exchange further knowledge and suggestions on the specification, control process and certification of GI products, as well as on the best strategies to effectively guarantee their quality and to promote the producers’ interests while complying with the system. The panellists were also questioned, on the one hand, on the relationship between the production of GIs products and the incentives farmers could potentially benefit from to produce high quality products, and on the other hand, on the need for GI production to provide economic benefits to the local populations while taking into consideration environmental and social issues.

The recorded video of the webinar is available on Facebook at the AgEcon (International), Kasetsart University page.