Food Nation developed a series of ‘Skills and Recipe Share’ videos to help build consumers’ confidence, and skills, in preparing and cooking a wider variety of fresh and locally landed seafood species. These learning resources demonstrate specific seafood preparation techniques and stimulating recipes. The videos, developed during the COVID-19 lockdown and shared via Food Nation’s social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), aim to educate, inspire and boost people’s confidence in purchasing and cooking a wider variety of fresh, seasonal and locally landed seafood. The videos are expected to increase consumer knowledge and demand for fresh seafood, compared to those already processed and ready-to-eat, whilst also raising awareness of local fishmongers in the region, therefore strengthening a shorter and local fish supply chain.

“Recipe and skills sharing videos have been a brand new approach for Food Nation that has allowed us to keep inspiring people about good food whilst COVID-19 has prevented us from bringing people together in person. This way of passing on skills has been a revelation for us and through using more digital engagement tools we found a whole new audience who would not ordinarily engage in some of our services. It has been great to recognise the opportunity we have long term to continually increase people’s confidence and skill sets with food that people are less confident to try – fish and seafood being one of the main food groups here. We’re continuing to develop more of these videos and enhance them through offering delivery of recipe kits to match the video too – therefore increasing access and highlighting some of the local suppliers too”Joanna Lacey, Head of Social Delivery, Food Nation.

The positive consumer feedback received confirm how these videos can be a fun and engaging experience and make a real impact on people while keeping safe from the comfort of their home:

“1st time I’ve ever made this dish but I’m enjoying it thank you!”

“It tasted beautiful!! Normally when I cook this it’s just a packet mix but this tasted so much better”

“I struggle with a written recipe and need visual instruction so these [videos] are perfect for our house”