In North-East England, Food Nation & Newcastle University are working in partnership on stimulating short food supply chains for locally landed seafood.

Our research aimed at understanding the barriers and opportunities for local short fish supply chains in North-East England and identifying strategies to develop new markets for quality foods, to ensure fishers and fishmongers could obtain better margins, while also ensuring consumers gain affordable, fresh, seasonal and high quality local seafood.

Our research findings indicate that there is a disconnect between the fish industry and the wider public and we need to develop new ways to bring them together.

Innovative pilot actions in North-East England include Seafood Cookery Classes & Fish Supper Clubs at Harissa Kitchen (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK):

  • to train the chefs of the future to improve skills and confidence in the kitchen
  • to change consumer perceptions towards underutilised and locally abundant seafood species

These initiatives are aimed at bringing about behavioural and cultural change in the region and beyond, in improving consumer exposure and attitudes towards different species of local seafood, as well as their knowledge regarding sustainable sourcing.

Beyond the direct economic, social and environmental benefits for the local economy and fishing community, these initiatives provide important transferrable lessons to other cases, regions and markets across Europe.

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