3rd S2F annual meeting
For Strength2Food researchers all roads led to Rome, as Coldiretti hosted the project’s 3rd Annual Meeting on 10-11 May 2018. Prior to the annual meeting, FAO hosted a workshop on the sustainability of Geographical Indications at its headquarters, organised in collaboration with Strength2Food (S2F). The workshop welcomed numerous GI experts and practitioners, FAO delegates, S2F partners and members of the project Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB). S2F researchers presented the project’s methodology for sustainability assessment as well as experiences from seven GI case studies: PDO Phu Quoc Fish Sauce (Vietnam, Viet Hoang), PDO Olive oil (Croatia, Ružica Brecic), PDO Kalocsai paprika powder (Hungary, Áron Török), PDO Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy, Filippo Arfini), PGI Lofoten Stockfish (Norway, Gunnar Vitterso), future PDO Sjenica sheep cheese (Serbia, Jelena Filipović), PDO Comté Cheese (France, Valentin Bellassen).

On Thursday, the S2F consortium and the SAB gathered at Coldiretti with discussions focussed on the project’s key results on the following topics: i. Evaluation of sustainability regarding Food Quality Schemes (WP5), Public Sector Food Procurement (WP6), Short Food Supply Chains (WP7); ii. Quantitative findings on European Consumers’ perception and valuation of food quality schemes (WP8); iii. Econometric analysis of the trade and price transmission effects of GIs (WP4). The two-day meeting provided opportunities to discuss the project results, status and development of ongoing activities, publication strategies and tackle some faced challenges. The SAB experts followed closely the discussions between partners and provided strategic directions for the development of the work with useful guidance regarding policy implications.

The project consortium will gather next in Crete, in September 2018, for its Interim Meeting, organised by project partner Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and in conjunction with the EAAE Seminar on “Preserving Ecosystem Services via Sustainable Agro-food Chains”!