2nd Hybrid forum - Sandefjord Norway
The second Norwegian hybrid forum on 24 October 2017 was once again hosted in Sandefjord. Local people were invited to take part in a discussion on fish, this time addressing the idea of fish as culture, in comparison with dance, art and music. Researchers from OsloMet were also present, representing the Strenght2Food project. The experts of the panel addressed the cultural aspect of fish, both as a food product and a source of identity, and the problem of environmental distress caused by plastic and microplastic in the sea. During the second part of the event, the floor was opened to reactions from the public, who identified two main challenges: raising awareness about the need for people to eat more fish, especially among younger generations in Sandefjord and protecting the coast and sea from contamination, while safeguarding local fish stocks.

The establishment of a coastal kindergarten and of a maritime adventure centre aimed at kids were proposed as ways to face up to the first issue, but it was agreed that parents also have to take more responsibility in driving their children towards a higher consumption of fish. Concerning sustainability and tackling pollution, one of the participants correctly summed up the challenge by stating that consumers need to change their habits both in the kitchen; cooking more fish, and in the bathroom; throwing less plastic away.