UK hybrid forum - local fish

Though buying local is a trendy catchphrase as of late, many consumers do not put the term into practice. In the active fishing port of North Shields for example, buying local unfortunately doesn’t play much of a role in the minds of all consumers. In the event organized by Food Nation and Newcastle University “Locally Landed Seafood on the Menu: How do we create a supply chain to achieve this” on 21st September 2017 in North Shields (UK), Anne Liddon shares that consumers either lack the knowledge and confidence about cooking fish or they opt for more familiar varieties like farmed salmon from Scotland or imported prawns from India and Thailand. With the threat of Brexit, foreign markets may be more difficult to access. Fishermen also face a difficult job as it is, and with the added challenge of selling their catch locally, there is a need for change. Perhaps Strength2Food can help to put the word out and encourage us to be more adventurous.

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