1st Hybrid forum - Sandefjord Norway
Sandefjord, a coastal city southwest of Oslo, was the perfect spot to host the first hybrid forum, of a series of three, looking at how local fish is valued by the locals. The event took place on 23 August 2016 and was open to the public. Researchers from OsloMet, panellists and experts joined the event, which was divided into two parts: a workshop with experts and a conversation with the public.

The workshop started with an introduction to the Strenght2Food project and the hybrid forums, and was followed by experts who laid out the local fishing and fish consumption regulations in Norway. The floor was then opened to the participants from Sandefjord, who shared their views on how to promote local fish and its added value. A proposal was made to organise a crab festival.

The public dialogue continued after the dinner at a fish restaurant, discussing a variety of topics from price and low consumption of local fish to recent changes in the fish stock and criticism of national fishing regulations, with many showing preoccupation concerning pollution and the need for a better use of resources in the bay. At the end of the discussion, the idea of opening a maritime museum was put forward, with a view to raising awareness about life in the fjord.