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Key recommendations

For sector practitioners:

  • Focus on under-utilised, locally abundant, and seasonal fish species and promote their health benefits via social media
  • Adopt market strategies to improve public perceptions and overcome consumers’ fear of unfamiliar fish and involve intermediaries like fishmongers and chefs in making seafood more attractive, palatable and convenient
  • Upskill young / new entrants in the catering and hospitality industries in cooking confidently and more creatively a wider range of underutilised fish and seafood

For policy makers:

  • Increase public awareness of sustainable seafood consumption and seasonality issues, via educational activities and from an early age
  • Support the establishment of SFSCs in fisheries and promote cultural heritage of seafood in coastal communities, while investing in infrastructure that support market operations
  • Promote codes of practice that support sustainable fishing and retailing and encourage better working practices for seafood businesses and the restaurant/ catering sector