On 8 April 2019, the Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Parma reported Professor Filippo Arfini’s participation in the latest edition of CIBUS OFF, a culinary event which opens the calendar 2019 of Parma UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy events. Activities ranged from cooking shows, educational workshops for children to round tables on a variety of topics.  Professor Arfini, in his capacity as coordinator of the MA degree in Food Quality Systems and Gastronomy Management of the University of Parma, was interviewed about the link between sustainability and traditional products. The Deputy Coordinator of the Strength2Food project seized the opportunity to showcase the activities of the consortium (see slides in Italian), which measure relevant indicators in two local products from Parma: processed tomato products and Parmigiano Reggiano. Preliminary results from this research suggest that Parmigiano Reggiano performs well in terms of sustainability on both social and economic dimensions: the PDO cheese provides remunerative incentives for operators to remain in local rural areas with a clear local multiplier effect, which doubles the final value of the product (for each €1 invested in the territory about €2.5 are generated).

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