Within the EU, the organic logo aims to help consumers identify organic products and enable better informed decision-making. However, according to the Strength2Food survey on consumers’ perception and evaluation of European food quality schemes, the EU organic logo, while being the most recognised by consumers, does not inspire a high degree of trust. Smart communication campaigns are required to raise awareness and increase consumer knowledge and trust, providing information on the strict conditions that organic products must fulfil to be marketed in the EU and what are the authorised control agencies which take care of the certification procedures.

For this reason, EUFIC recently addressed the topic of organic food production in the EU through a series of articles which aim to increase credibility and build trust in consumers, empowering them to make informed choices. The communication campaign also covers specific organic products (plant-based and animal-based), how organic production is regulated, and what to expect from the new legislation, coming into force in 2021.