Konzum develops a “local store within a store”

Grocery retailer Konzum, in co-operation with the Cluster of Small Croatian manufacturers, have launched a project entitled “From Domestic Regions”, whereby customers in two large KONZUM stores are offered a wide variety of quality homemade products from all over Croatia. The “local store within a store” brings together seasonal fruit and vegetables, cured meats and dairy products, traditional desserts, honey and other delicacies.

The first “local store within a store” was opened in the Dankovečka Super Konzum. In the reconstructed Dankovečka store there are more than 100 square meters dedicated to small domestic producers (more than 500 products from 60 small manufacturers in over than 20 different categories). The Super Konzum in Dankovecka has been remodelled according to the latest Konzum standards, and apart from the “local store within a store”, a new department of fruit and vegetables and a self-service bakery has been introduced in which buyers can find a large selection of breads, pastries and other bakery products.

Subsequently, a second “local store within a store” has been opened in the Super Konzum in Radnicka Street in Zagreb. Here customers can find over 900 domestic products in 28 different categories, produced by more than a hundred small producers from all over Croatia.

“We are delighted to further expand our offer with top-quality products from all over Croatia, with particular emphasis on rural areas, as part of the cooperation with the Cluster of Small Croatian manufacturers. Behind us there are a number of common events where we gathered small producers, and we are particularly delighted because it combines quality and tradition in one place, giving us a continuous opportunity to offer the best of the best to the small domestic producers “, said Tomislav Kramarić, CEO retail in Konzum.

“This co-operation brings great momentum to the promotion of small domestic producers, who get an attractive space and a valuable opportunity to sell their best products. We are grateful to Konzum for recognizing the importance of the project and continuing to support the development of micro and small entrepreneurship and to offer customers the best domestic products on a daily basis, “said Marko Špiljar, the organizer of the Cluster of Small Croatian manufacturers’ project.

The “local store within a store” contains a specially designed sales area for the presentation and sale of local products under the “From Domestic Regions” label. A special visual identity was developed within the project.

Project Organizer, Marko Špoljar, from the Cluster of Small Croatian manufacturers said that the cooperation with Konzum is of great importance for the operations of small domestic producers who gain great value through promoting their products to a large number of customers.